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Dieter Rueggeberg


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Architects of Deception


Wuppertal, 23 October 2009


Dear Mr. Lina,

I have read over your book. You maintain to be in opposition to the evil plans for the destruction of our world. Why you hide from your readers 50% of the truth?

Fortunately your book is another evidence for the quality of my own two books on Secret Politics and I am going to tell you why.

All the things your are writing about are impossible without the help of the Christian Church, especially the Vatican. Even if you take only the books by Avro Manhattan you have enough evidence for my statement.

But first to my special interest. You have cited from one of the books I have published and the citation is partly false. On page 382: >The magician Franz Bardon alias Frabato, 1909-1958 held a high post in the government (Franz Bardon, "Frabato", Wuppertal, 1979). According to Bardon, Hitler belonged to Der Freimaurerischer Orden der Goldene Centurie in Dresden, commonly known as Lodge 99 All the 99 lodges of this order had 99 members. Each Lodge worship a horrible demon. The demon helps members gain money and power. The members of the 99 Lodges are also industrialists and bankers. That Hitler really was a high-ranking freemason, is confirmed by Norman MacKenzie in his book "Secret Societies" New York, 1967. It has also been confirmed from Moscow, where all documents referring to the subject are kept.<

Franz Bardon never held a high position in the government! My words go, because they are from my epilogue: >By Hitler Franz Bardon were offered high positions in his government if he would help him to win the war.< But F. Bardon refused to help Hitler and therefore was tortured in a concentration camp. The profession of Franz Bardon was that of an artist under the name of ‘Frabato’ and as a natural healer with a practice in Opava.

Further, the Frabato is the only book on our globe in which the true working methods of a black magic order is described, namely the 99-Order. Why you hide this from your readers?

To keep to the matter. On page 115 you cite Albert Pike: ‘All real masonic lodges owe their secrets and symbols to the Cabbala’. The normal reader will ask: What is Cabbala? and gets no answer from you. Here is my answer:

>The Key to the True Kabbalah< by Franz Bardon is the only book on this earth which discloses the real practice of the Kabbalah. Even if you take hundreds of books from the past five hundred years about Kabbalah, not one will show you the true practice. Especially the Jews keep this secret until today as you can learn from G. Scholem for instance. It was Christ who gave the order to F. Bardon to publish the secrets of magic, because Urgaya in the ‘Frabato’ is only a pseudonym.


On page 99 I found a citation about Rudolf Steiner: ‘One of the most famous Grand Masters of Misraim freemasonry was the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, who was in contact with both Lenin and Hitler’. I doubt that Steiner was ever in contact with Lenin and Hitler and would like to see documents for that. After my knowledge R. Steiner was the very first during the World War I who openly mentioned the plans of certain lodges to establish experiments of Socialism in Eastern Europe. I am so sure about this because these words raised my interest in politics, although I am more interested in philosophy.

If you really like to become a member of the Network of Truth we have to establish to become helpers of Christ you will give me an answer.


Dieter Rueggeberg

Until today 14.11.2011 no answer was received!