The Wannsee Protocol


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The Wannsee Protocol

Allied Public Deception

On Page 22 of the book Theresienstadt 1941–1945 the key document of the German disgrace, the Wannsee Protocol came into my hands. Should I read that? I admit that at this point in time I only knew about it by hearsay and had little interest in reading it. Why should I read something that had been examined and proven to be correct by thousands of historians all over the world? And something that had already been established with memorial sites and official speeches positively and irrefutably? In addition the Encyclopedia of History published by Ploetz Verlag in Freiburg (1986 Edition) reports the following:


“Wannsee Conference. A conference attended by leading national-socialistic politicians on January 20, 1942 in Berlin-Wannsee. They passed the final resolution on the Jewish question (complete extinction of the Jews in Europe).”


Yes, that lends a heavy weight to this whole matter! That possesses great authority! Yes, for fifty years this collective guilt weighed like a ton on the shoulders of the weary German citizens.


Finally, I had come to the point that it could not get any worse than what I had read in the last five years about the brutalities in the world.


But let us have the author continue: “On the November 11, 1941 Hitler must have given the final order to annihilate the Jews, because on this day Himmler knew that there would be “tremendous suffering among the Jews.” Certainly, in connection with this order, after several delays, Heydrich convened on January 20, 1942 a meeting in Berlin–Wannsee about the “Final Resolution of the Jewish Question.” Among the 16 participants were Müller and Eichmann. In accordance with the Protocol, Heydrich stated:


“In the meantime the Commander of the SS in view of the dangers of an emigration during the war and in view of the possibilities of the East has prohibited the emigration of the Jews.


The emigration has now been replaced by another possible solution, of course, with the appropriate prior approval of the Führer, namely, the evacuation of the Jews to the East.

These actions merely offer the possibility of a way out, however, with this the necessary practical experiences are gathered that are of great importance for the forthcoming final solution of the Jewish question.


In the process of this final solution of the European Jewish question about 11 million Jews are considered [a detailed enumeration of all European countries]


Under the appropriate leadership during the process of the final solution of the Jews, they shall be deployed to the East as laborers in the appropriate manner. In large groups (laborers), by separating the males from the females, those Jews who are fit to work will be employed in road construction in the various regions, where without a doubt the large number will be lost through natural decrease. Those that eventually and finally remain, which obviously represent the most robust part, must be dealt with accordingly, since they represent the natural selection, which after their release can be considered the nucleus of a new Jewish build-up. (Learn these experiences from history).

In the course of the practical realization of the final solution Europe will be combed through from West to East. The territory of the German Reich, including the protectorate must be anticipated to be grounded, merely for reasons of the question of housing and other social-political necessities.


The Jews that have been evacuated will initially be accommodated gradually in so-called transitory ghettos and from there transported farther East.

It is the plan not to evacuate Jews over the age 65, instead they shall be placed in a home for Senior Citizens and Theresienstadt (Terezin in northern Bohemia) is the intended the location. (Page 22).”


D.R.: After I read this, I was annoyed. It could not be true, because the concepts of “killing” or “murder” were not mentioned anywhere. Also the words, “shoot to kill,” “send to the gas chambers,” “burning,” “hanging” or “quartering” could not be found.

In order to be certain, I read the entire paragraph once more and clarified the most important segments in bold print:


“Under the appropriate leadership during the process of the final solution of the Jews, they shall be deployed to the East as laborers in the appropriate manner. In large groups (laborer), by separating the males from the females, those Jews who are fit to work will be employed in road construction in the various regions, where without a doubt the larger part will be lost through natural decrease. Those that eventually and finally remain, which after their release can be considered the nucleus of a new Jewish build-up, must be dealt with accordingly, since they represent the natural selection.


It did not get better. On the contrary, my philosophically-educated intellect discovered in this document a few things that I had never heard or read before. Please excuse the reiteration. But in these days, the lies are quite often repeated so that I would rather like to resemble with the truth.


Literally it said, that the Jews that are fit to work will be employed in road construction in the eastern regions and those that remain which obviously represent the most robust part and also represent the natural selection, which after their release can be considered and shall be the “nucleus of a new Jewish build-up.”


In accordance with this wording the SS wanted to let the Jews work, to have as a result “the most robust part” in other words a “Jewish selection or elite,” which should be the “nucleus of a new Jewish build-up.”


At this point I must ask every citizen and historian with a sound human mind the question: What had the SS with the help of the Jewish elite wanted to build up anew?


For a few thousand years any man who was endowed with minimum military understanding knew that one of the first acts toward the enemy is the elimination of the opposing elite! However, in accordance with the aforementioned words the SS did not want to eliminate or annihilate the opposing elite, instead they wanted to cultivate them.

The rest of this protocol does not change anything in the sentences that are quoted, and truly contradicts everything that many historians and their Holocaust supporters have read up to now or should read into the Wannsee Protocol. Just as his prayer leaders in Nuremberg, for example the co-finder of the Wannsee Protocol, Robert M. W. Kempner, the author does not repeat anywhere the claim that can be proven: “that the solution of the Jewish question” was for the National Socialism the systematic annihilation of the Jewish people... That is why the annihilation was also called the final solution.” (Page 16)


D.R.: Mr. Adler must have been very obsessed with the idea of annihilation that he did not at all notice these very important passages as they have been presented to me, otherwise, he would have had the same questions and made the same judgments.


On January 20, 1942 the Jewish declaration of war against Germany in 1933 reached its tenth anniversary. Was it the intention of the leadership of the German Government (Reichsführung) in association with the SS and with the Jewish Elite to build up something new?


This fact is in front of the background of the existing state of war not only contradictory, but also completely idiotic, unless a piece of knowledge is missing. Fortunately this knowledge has been made available to me. It consists of the proposal which the Israeli underground organization N.M.O. on January 11, 1941 sent to the government of the German Reich. It is this document, which in the chapter ‘Let there be light’ is scrutinized.


These investigations are well known to me and they offer a number of circumstantial evidence that the entire protocol is a forgery. This can be substantiated in the publication by Udo Walendy in Historische Tatsachen Nr. 35 (Historical Facts) (Verlag für Zeitgeschichtsforschung, D-32590 Vlotho = Publishers for Research of Contemporary History) or by J.P. Ney in ‘Testimonial in regards to the Question of Authenticity of the Wannsee-Protocol’ (Verlag für ganzheitliche Forschung, D-25884 Viöl – Publishers for comprehensive Research).


I shall disregard them in this respect. Where would we be? What should we do with all the books repeating this lie? Not to speak of the many excuses of the historians and high-ranking politicians, because of the insults to the German citizens.


The second last sentence of the quote is of special significance to me: “The Jews that have been evacuated will initially step by step be accommodated in so-called transitory ghettos and then from there deported farther East.” That this has happened has been confirmed by Mr. Adler on page XXXII: „Minsk (in Byelorussia) the destination of the earlier deportation. In the summer of 1942 Jews were transported from T. to the region of Minsk, this was almost unbeknownst to the people in the camp.“


In addition to this sentence, without quoting it, the Author Steffen Werner wrote a very interesting book under the title The second Babylonian Captivity, in which he mentions the circumstantial evidence that of the deported Jews approximately 2 million had been kept imprisoned in today’s Byelorussia. But since it cannot be what cannot be, in 1994 the Ministry of the Suppression of Truth in Bonn put Mr. Steffen’s book on the list of evil smear campaigns against the Jews.


Perhaps the executing judge or prosecutor did not read the announcement in the Israeli newspaper Israeli News of April 22, 1993, which was as follows:

“Moscow – Allegedly there are in the GUS – republics, the republics of the former USSR, five million Jews, considerably more than Israel formerly estimated. This number was published this week by the Demographic Center of the Russian parliament.”


D.R.: The Israeli Government pretended as if they could only estimate the number of Jews in the former USSR, although the Soviet Secret Police had been for 70 years in Jewish hands and with certainty they had every Jew in the Soviet Union in their files. How could you in Germany that is occupied by enemies stretch the freedom of speech to the point of truth?


The result of this minor investigation is obvious: The claim that the Wannsee Protocol contains orders for the annihilation of the Jews is a lie, whereas, in reality it has been invented by the Allied War Criminals to extort the German people for an indeterminate time.


Over the past 100 years or so such gigantic lies by the Allies about the Germans have become a habit. Certainly, it is another culminating point of cultural and character depravity within the German people that the German media and German politicians support these lies. The Allies have skillfully managed to use the dregs of German society for their purposes, even up to the very present, exactly like Hitler.


Presently, monumental lies are disseminated in a skillful psychological package, mainly with the help of media, but the future will even bring forth entirely different methods of which Rudolf Steiner spoke:

“Today the thinking is such to confront with the disciplinary rod of scorn, with the disciplinary rod of mockery or as it is often called the disciplinary rod of criticism the person or person that attempt to tell the truth from the knowledge of the spiritual sciences. In the sixth period of time they commence to heal these people. That means, by that point in time medicines have been invented that are administered to people by force who speak about that there is a norm for good and evil and that good and evil is something different than human statutes. The time will come where it is said: How can you speak of good and evil? The state decides what is good and what is evil. When it is written in the laws that it is good, then it is good, and whatever the laws says that you should refrain from that is evil. If you speak about that a moral good and evil exists, then you are ill! And then medicines are administered and the people will be cured. That is the tendency. This is not and exaggeration but merely a window through which I would like to look. That is the direction of the course of time.” (Rudolf Steiner Bausteine zu einer Erkenntnis des Mysteriums von Golgatha GA 175, Seite 241 = Building blocks for knowledge of the Mystery of Golgatha)


We are dealing here with historical lies and truths. In accordance with my understanding the representatives of the various religions should actually take care of that, so that in this respect the truth will be victorious. The representative of the Christian religion has a special responsibility, because God proclaimed to them through Moses:


9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. (Exodus, chapter 20)


Did the German Christian churches after WWII ever actively do anything against such gigantic historical lies? As far as I know they did not! How can they justify their existence when they encourage to perpetuate the lies in this world? Christ has very clearly given them directions in this respect:


John 8/32: If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. 8/34. Jesus answered them. Verily, verily, I say unto you. Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.

When it comes to the divinity liars must be careful, as it is written in the bible, Leviticus, chapter 24: And if a man cause a blemish in his neighbor, as he hath done, so shall it be done to him: Breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, as he hath caused a blemish in a man, so shall it be done to him again.” These words are in accordance with the law of Karma, the law of cause and effect. There is not a word about forgiveness of sin, a human being be born again and the development takes a long time.

* * *


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